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Company History
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In KZW company history, there are ten major moments that are worth remembering. They have become turning points, or rather, milestones in the development course of the company.

1. On November 11th 1995, the predecessor of KZW Machinery Company, Zhenxing Construction Machinery Factory was founded in Ningbo City.

2. On December 1st of the same year, 500,000 RMB was invested to build the new factory that put out concrete vibrators of various models which became one of national best-selling products.

3. In October 1997, the factory began to create and subsequently introduced the high frequency vibration motor and profile cutting machine for use with the concrete vibrator.

4. In March 2002, another 10 million RMB was invested to build an 8000m2 expansion of the existing factory, in order to accommodate increased production.

5. In November 2004, the factory extension construction was completed.

6. In March 2005, KZW Machinery Company was formally inaugurated. The newly established company provides a fundamental guarantee for long-term, stable development on the way to further company restructuring.

7. In October 2005, the company rolled out the plate compactor, power trowel, and other products totaling around a dozen varieties.

8. In March 2006, our products began to be sold to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Sweden, England, America, Australia, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Singapore, and Vietnam.

9. In 2008, the company earned import and export rights via registration. From then on, it began to export products.

10. In April 2013, it obtained two exhibition stands in the 13th Import and Export Fair.

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