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Steel Bar Cutter

The steel bar cutter is a useful tool on the construction site to cut ordinary carbon steel, cold and hot round steel, threaded bar, flat steel, angle steel, and square steel. The cutter is an assembly of knife, quality steel knife seat, connecting rod, high speed world-class motor, and rugged, reinforced motor enclosure. Despite its small structure, our cutting machine provides reliable lubrication in harsh conditions, maximum energy efficiency, and great ease of operation and transportation. Currently available are five models, including three common versions GQ40, GQ50, and GQ60 as well as two special versions GQ42D and GQ55D.

Gear: cast steel (one year warranty available)
Central Gear: cast steel (six month warranty available)
Crankshaft: cast steel (six month warranty available)
Drive Shaft 1, Drive Shaft 2, Drive Shaft 3: C45 steel (six month warranty available)
Connection Rod: cast steel (six month warranty available)
Blade: cast steel
Motor Enclosure: ductile iron
Note: All the main components of steel bar cutters have undergone the required heat treatments, quenching, tempering or high frequency heating.

1. Threaded type adjustable stop gauge assembly ensures the accuracy and stability of cutting operation.
2. The connecting rod is separated from the gear, which enables the machine to undertake heavy duty work.
3. Impact-resistant blades give high cutting efficiency when dealing with steel bars of various standards.
4. Using large gear instead of small gear improves driving speed as well as prolongs use life of the steel bar cutter.
5. Simplified system delivers 50% higher cutting speed that is possible with common cutters.

1. Worry-saving: The main components last for 10 years and wear parts for 3 years. Therefore, the machine requires only little maintenance.
2. Time-saving: Optimized, internationally advanced structure ensures fastest possible cutting speed.
3. Labor-saving: One such machine can cut steel bars of different sizes without changing the blade.

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