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Concrete Saw
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Concrete Saw / Floor Saw/ Road Saw

The concrete saw is a multi-purpose power tool that is used to cut concrete, asphalt, or other solid materials. Powered by gasoline or diesel, the saw is designed with a reinforced steel box frame that lends strength necessary to minimize vibration during cutting. Reduced vibration also enhances the blade cutting performance and prolongs its service life.

The concrete saw is made compact, with special attention to operation flexibility. Its ergonomic design makes the tool ideal for small to medium-sized jobs. This product has as standard a large water tank. Its heavy duty frame and undercarriage parts eliminate frame vibration and warping. Equipped with ball bearing and waterproof seals, the wheel requires limited maintenance. The screw-type depth-control lock ensures accurate cutting to the desired depth.

1. Concrete floor, asphalt pavement, and plaza square cutting
2. Concrete floor or asphalt pavement repair
3. Concrete grooving

1. Manually operated type-one of the common and best selling products on the market
QF-300, QF-350, QF-400, QF-500
2. Automatic type-extra smooth cutting experience
QF-600, QF-700, QF-900

1. Japanese shaft bearings for long use life
2. Comfortable operating handle
3. Easy-to-reach crankshaft for raising or lowering cutting depth
4. The blade guard features a hinged front. It can be lifted up for ease of blade replacement.
5. Saw position guide helps ensure straight cuts.

Our concrete saw delivers outstanding cutting performance, unrivaled by any other models in this class of tools. Via the electric or gasoline motor, the torque is transmitted to the diamond blade. Driven by the torque and influenced by gravity, the blade exerts cutting force into concrete or asphalt. It enables a 20% faster cutting speed than an ordinary cutting tool can do.

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