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Compaction Machinery
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Compaction Machinery

Building a solid foundation is incredibly important to the whole building. This almost necessitates the use of compaction machinery, to consolidate the foundation and help customers complete the project to its maximum potential. It is rugged, durable, and economical, giving ease of maintenance and operation.

With novel, compact design, the compactor is well suited for use to tamp asphalt, soil, sand, gravel, grit, other granular materials in civil engineering, road construction, and gardening projects.

Forward Plate Compactor
As our best-selling tamping equipment, the C-60 and C-80 forward plate compactor features an advanced shock-absorbing handle design that reduces 50% more vibration felt by operators than is possible with an ordinary plate compactor. For brick paving application, the compactor is specially equipped with a rubber mat for option. Where the tamping equipment is used to flatten and tighten up hot and cold asphalts, it is fitted with a water sprinkler that keeps the adhering asphalt particles from building up along the vibratory plate.

Currently available models include:
C-60, C-77, C-90/90A
C-120, C-80T/100T, C-100

Reversible Plate Compactor
The reversible plate compactor includes a reversible plate to allow smooth transition between forward and reverse travel. It is a preferred method with which workers can cope with trench compaction, road repair, concrete substrate construction, and general maintenance work. There is an assortment of models that are suitable for use in asphalt applications, including C-125, C-160, C-270, and C-350.

Hydraulic Plate Compactor
This series of tamping equipment utilizes a hydraulic forward and reverse mechanism to achieve easy control of compaction power supply, which provides a better alternative to old-fashioned control that uses mechanical linkage to transmit energy and motion.

A wide range of hydraulic plate compaction machinery are available, such as C-125Y, C-160Y, C-270Y, C-350Y, and C-400Y.

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