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Hydraulic Plate Compactor
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Hydraulic Plate Compactor

The hydraulic reversible plate compactor includes a hydraulic control lever to allow for easy direction change from forward to reverse travel or vice versa. It exerts more vibration energy into the ground, thus giving deeper penetration whereby a maximum 95cm deep layer can be compacted.

It is most commonly used in narrow sewer trenches, where limited space would not allow a single-direction plate compactor to turn around to point in another direction. Other uses of the compactor are on the road, building, and bridge construction sites. There, the product is employed to compact foundations and backfills. It is able to tamp grounds containing loose particles, such as asphalts, soils, sands, gravels, and mixed soils.

C-125Y, C-160Y, C-270Y, C-350Y, C-400Y

1. User friendly anti-vibration handles.
2. Fully sealed, well-lubricated, and wear resistant cast iron vibrator assembly.
4. On-the-spot compaction for small rough terrains.
5. Handles foldable to a 90 degree position for ease of transportation.
6. Hydraulic forward and reverse mechanism
7. Impact-resistant, open and self-cleaning baseplate
8. Oil drainage hose
9. Robust, sealed belt cover for Clutch and belt protection
10. Electric starter is as option for the diesel engine.
11. Heavy-duty roll cage with lifting hook protects against dirt and damage, allowing for easy operation.

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