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Tamping Rammer
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Tamping Rammer

Our tamping rammer is specifically intended for rough terrain applications. It features a well balanced structure, and won't tip over during turning corners or vibrating. The machine can be operated with ease, even in limited spaces like narrow trenches for gas or water supply pipes. Customers can purchase with confidence—prior to leaving factory, the rammer is subjected to a series of compliance tests to assure its quality.

Unlike the normal plate compactor that is used to tighten up loose particles, the tamping rammer is most commonly used to compact sticky soil such as clay and clayey silt in sewer trenches or various other housing sites. Of course, the rammer can tamp sands and gravels.

Also called the jumping jack compactor or tamper, the rammer has a relatively smaller foot than other plate compactors. As an ideal tool for consolidating asphalt surface, the product is also suitable for use in various rough situations. It exerts strong vibration force into the ground, and allows 16inch- to 25inch-thick layer to be compacted. Choices of compaction force can be made by customers according to their specific job site requirements.

Tamping rammer is a useful tool in the traffic, municipal works and construction sectors, where it is employed to tamp the road curb, bridge abutments, and street pavements.

1. Optimized vibrating mechanism for easy operation
2. The rammer has passed the 500hour endurance test.
3. It requires low maintenance and gives high productivity. This comes with financial befits, since it saves repair cost and brings in profits more effectively.

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