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KZW is one of the few high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province that focus primarily on the manufacture of concrete vibrators.

The mottos listed below embody the concepts we value most. They also shape the way our company is managed. At KZW, we make a point of saving very unit of electricity, every drop of water, and every piece of paper, in an attempt to create an energy-saving company.

1. Environmental Protection and Awareness-Raising

The company is surrounded by trees, giving privacy and pretty view. When workers get tired after a long time of work, they can open the windows to listen to the birds singing and smell the pleasant scent of the flowers. The tidy, safe working environment not only does good to workers' health, but it also helps improve their work efficiency. Slogans on banners, bulletin board advertisement, and all the regulations related to the use of water, electricity, and paper remind our workers of the importance of energy saving and environmental protection in the production process. They also raise worker awareness of the need to reduce waste.

2. Energy-Saving and Low-Carbon Economy

Along with fast paced development of social economy comes the need for buying additional equipment to accommodate the increased market demand. However, enlarged production often comes with larger amount of energy consumption and heavier pollution. The time-consistent policy implemented by Ningbo government dictates that we should start saving energy from the very first step of creating a low carbon manufacturing process. On our way to achieve that goal, we introduce the lighting system that adopts the tri-phosphor fluorescent lamps and LED lights which are energy efficient, have small carbon footprint, and cause little air pollution.

3. Technological Innovation and Environmental Protection - Two-Pronged Approach

Science and technology are primary productive forces. At KZW, we constantly introduce first rate techniques to satisfy customer need for energy saving and increased energy utilization rate. Recently we set out to develop the pneumatic concrete vibrator. This pneumatic unit utilizes a vane-type motor as power source to convert compressed air energy to mechanical motion, or in this case, the motion of tamping down the concrete. The product does not need electricity, gasoline, or diesel oil. Thus it does no emit harmful gases into the air thereby reducing air pollution. The vibrator is an ideal combination of technological innovation and environmental protection features. It provides a sustainable solution for the concrete processing industry, with special attention to building a better, pollution-free tomorrow.

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