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Reversible Plate Compactor
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Reversible Plate Compactor

The reversible plate compactor allows for smooth transition between forward and reverse travel. For dependable functioning, the compactor utilizes the mechanical control system. Its maximum compaction depth is up to 90cm. The equipment is well suited for use in sewer trench, general road, building, and bridge construction projects, where it is employed to compact foundations, backfills, sands, gravels, mixed soils, and do other jobs that require heavy-duty service. Using our reversible plate compactor is quite economical, since it requires little maintenance.

1. Easy-to-reach location control
2. Large shock-absorbing mounts reduce vibration to the handle.
3. Wear-resistant base plate withstands long time of use. Its open design allows easy cleaning.
4. Centrally located lifting bar allows easy transportation in and out of trenches.
5. Safety cage protects the plate from accidental job-site damage.
6. Heavy duty industrial throttle control is available as option.
7. Extension plate is available.

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