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Rebar Bender
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Steel Bar Bender

The steel bar bender is an ideal tool for bending rebars. It features an optimized, simplified structure that enables operators to bend steel bars into various shapes. The machine covers rebar diameters from 3mm to 42mm. It is a widely used product in building and construction, such as bridge and tunnel projects.

Worry-saving: The main components last for 10 years and wear parts for 3 years. They require limited maintenance.
Time-Saving: The internationally advanced design ensures the fastest possible bending speed.
Labor-saving: One machine is utilized to cut different sizes of steel bars without changing the blade.

1. Fully enclosed casing protect the machine from deformation otherwise caused by heavy load.
2. Gear and gear shaft assembly is made of high quality structural steel. Crucial parts have been put through hardness treatment.
3. The working disc, stop gauge, pliers, pliers head, and pliers head encasing are made of high quality alloy steel that has been subjected to hardness treatment. This enables the said parts to withstand long time of use.
4. The steel bar bender comes with a brake motor and latch bolt type locating disc that ensure the bending accuracy and provide for ease of bending size adjustment.
5. The stop gauge can be fitted to any one of the four corners of the square steel to allow the steel to be bent in different directions.
6. The worktable features a rotary design that can be rotated to facilitate bending or transportation.

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