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RL500D/600D/700D Double Drum Roller
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1. Also known as the tandem roller, the double drum roller comes with a mechanical parking brake that holds the machine motionless when it is parked.
2. The dead man control ensures reverse travel safety.
3. The operating handle can be folded down or at a certain angle to the ground. It brings operating comfort and gives ease of transportation.
4. Built-in oil cooler keeps the temperature of hydraulic system at a proper level. It enables the machine have a high productivity.
5. Anti-vibration control permits low hand-arm vibration felt by the operator.
6. Minimum side clearance allows for the closest possible approach to road curbs, walls, and other obstacles.
7. Two smooth drums work in tandem to cause the earth to become uniformly compacted and level. They come with beveled edges that eliminate marks on the compacted surface.
8. Front-mounted diesel engine gives repair man an easy access.
9. 35L, corrosion-resistant water tank is fitted to the rear end of roller. It reduces noise and keeps dust to a minimum level.
10. Easy-to-reach on/off switch controls the start or stop of vibration motion.

Model RL500D RL600D RL700D
Engine Diesel Engine 178F 6.0HP
Weight (kg) 630 640 740
Vibratory Frequency ( times/min ) 3600 3600 3600
Centrifugal Force (KN) 15 20 24
Max. Traveling Speed (km/h) 2.5 2.5 2.5
Climbing Ability (tangent of the angle of inclination) 20 20 20
Water Tank Capacity (L) 32 35 35
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 25 25 25
Vibratory Wheel Width (cm) 60 65 65
Package Size(cm) 127×76×118cm (handle 162×31×38)

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Tandem Roller | Road Compacting Equipment | Pavement Roller Compactor

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