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1. Motor Model (GQ50): Y112M-2 4kw
2. Motor Model (GQ40): Y100L-2 3kw
3. Gear: cast steel
Note: Machine parts listed above are given one year warranty.
4. Central Gear: cast steel
5. Crankshaft: cast steel
6. Shaft 1, Shaft 2, Shaft 3: C45 steel
7. Connection Rod: cast steel
Note: The items listed between the first and second note are provided with six months warranty.
8. Blade: cast steel
9. Motor Enclosure: ductile iron

All the main components have undergone the required heat treatment, quenching, tempering or high frequency heating.

Model GQ40 (with clutch) GQ50 (with clutch)   GQ60 (with clutch)
Cut Rebar Diameter ( Plain Carbon Steel) Ф 6-40mm Ф 6-50mm   Ф 6-60mm
Grade II Threaded Rebar Diameter Ф 6-32mm   Ф 6-42mm   Ф 6-50mm
Flat Steel Max. Diameter 70×15mm 80×18mm   90x28mm
Cut Square Steel Max. Specification( Q235A) 32×32mm 40×40mm   50×50mm
Angle Steel Max. Specifications 50×50mm 63x63mm   73×73mm
Cutting Speed 32t/min 28t/min   28t/min
Motor Model Y100L-2 3KW Y112M-2 4KW   Y112M-2 5.5KW
Voltage / Speed 380V 2800rpm 380V 2800rpm   380V 2800rpm
Dimension 1190×450×680(mm) 1280×480×720mm   1380×580×820mm
Net Weight 360kg 560kg   890kg
Gross Weight 415kg 585kg   920kg
Packing Size 1270×490×820mm 1470×560×1010mm   1570x700x1110mm
I .Cutting Ability
Steel Picture GQ40 GQ50
(Round Steel) R.45kg/mm2 450N/ mm2 Φ6--40mm Φ6--50 mm
Grade II Deformed Steel Bars Φ32 mm Φ36 mm
Flat Steel Φ70×15mm Φ80×15mm
Square Steel (Q235A) Φ 32×32mm (Q235A)
Φ 36×36mm
Channel Steel 50×50mm 63×63mm
II. Cutting Recommendations
Steel Bar Diameter (mm) 4~8 10~13 14~18 19~22 More than 22
Number of Steel Bars at Each Time of Cutting 6 5 3 2 1
GQ40 6 5 3 2 1
GQ50 8 5 4 3 2

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