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High-Frequency Concrete Vibrator
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  • 2000W /18000r/min vibrator
  • 1500W/23000W/18000r/min vibrator
  • Wacker Type 23000W/18000r/min

The ZID series high-frequency concrete vibrator is an immersion type vibrator. During operation, the vibrating poker that is attached to the vibrator has to be immersed into the concrete. The poker has an eccentric vibrating element inside it.

The vibrator incorporates off-centered weights into the 18000rpm electric motor to generate high frequency vibration. Via the flexible tube, the vibrator transmits the vibration to the poker via the flexible tube. It is spun as much as 12,000 times per minute, which makes it easy to cause resonance with the poured concrete.

The lightweight vibrator only weighs 6kg to 7kg, giving ease of operation. It is one of the most widely used products, known for its low noise, energy efficiency, reliable functioning, high safety, and good vibrating performance.

High frequency concrete vibrator
Model ZID-UL-150 ZID-UL-230 ZID-UL-200
Rated Input Power 1500W 2300W 2000W
Rated Voltage 220V 220V 220V
Rated Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Idle Speed 18000 r/min 18000 r/min 18000 r/min
Weight 6.0kg 7.0kg 6.35kg
Matched Vibrator Shaft
Item High-Frequency Vibrator Shaft
Model (mm) ZX-35 ZX-45 ZX-50
Diameter of Poker (mm) 35 45 50
Length of Poker (mm) 330 390 410
Vibrating Frequency (Hz) 200 200 200
Vibrating Amplitude (mm) 0.91 1.2 1.3
Diameter of Flexible Hose (mm) 30 30 30
Diameter of Flexible Shaft (mm) 10 10 10
Weight for 6m Long Shaft (kg) 11.5 13.8 15.8
Package Size cm 75×75×5.5cm

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